Why S&OP

Planning is complex and the need for good Planning has increased manifold over the past years.


Companies face lot of challenges in today’s market with increase in product mix and volume, rising customer expectations, stiff competition and reduced margins. In addition, in response to these external stimuli, companies have to deal with complex planning problems in all the operations from Sales to Production to Logistics/Supply Chain that needs specialized intelligence solutions.

|  Have a seamless

End to End Sales and Operations planning tool that gets rid of functional silo specific Excel based Planning.

|  Make realistic

(constraint based) planning decisions to ensure delivery as per customer schedules while working with real world constraints related to material, labour and capacity

|  Provide accurate

due date commits to customers on when products can be delivered, based on actual shop floor situation and order book

|  Reduce inventory

through robust demand forecasting, effective material planning in line with capacity and supplier capabilities and by maintaining the right inventory levels across its supply chain.

|  Plan for fulfillment

against sudden customer schedule changes both at Production as well as Supply Chain level.

|  Have forward visibility

to issues pertaining to commitments made to customers, specifically with respect to the core making process

|  Ease life

of your employees from the perennial fire-fighting that they are involved in