Decision Support Systems

dataSAVI platform and the plethora of tools integarted with it enable organizations with a strong system for decision support.

Along with a widely implemented S&OP suite, dataSAVI also leverages the strength of IIoT, portals and APIs to ingerate the execution systems with Planning to form a closed loop for data thereby making decisions truly informed and smart.

Digital Process Re-Engineering

Digitalisation allows for fundamental changes in business process and creates opportunities towards a new way of working.

Information capture, transmittal and analysis form the basis of Digitalisation as also the basis for Business Process Re-engineering. Process Reengineering is usually achieved in the following process: Current Process Flow Map --> Gap Analysis based on Best Practices --> Future Process Design adn Implementation. However, adherence and sustenance of a new process depends on a strong, scalable, flexible, digital platform which integrates the four critical elements involved in efficiently managing any organizational process : SENSE, ACQUIRE, VISUALISE and INTERPRET.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 entails digitizaiton and interconnection of products, value chains and business models.

There is a plethora of point applicaitons and tools that are to be leveraged to realize this vision. It is a challenge to have such point solutions to interact with each other seamlessly. dataSAVI as a platform enables you to have a common platform for all such custom applications be it concerned with data Sensing, Acquisition, Visualization or Interepretation.

Custom Development

Organizations need quick wins for their POCs or early Go To Market for their MVPs that can be scalable.

To ensure scalability, major initiatives are undertaken which take long time to materialize. Being configurable in nature, dataSAVI enables small teams or large organizations to test their application ideas quickly. Also having the ability to integrate with 3rd party systems, sensors / things, analytical tools like R, Optimization engines etc. dataSAVI ensures the development is scalable.

dataSAVI - an integrated solutions platform