Decision Support Systems

dataSAVI - End to End Supply Chain Planning Solutions Suite


Demand And Replenishment

Achieving better forecast accuracy for lesser inventory and better order fulfilment. Predicting timing of the order dates and thereby plan the Production and Logistics

Classifying SKUs into fast/slow/seasonal products and applying statistical techniques for demand forecasting while considering promotions and a mix of top down and bottom up.The Replenishment Plan would require to take into account Sales history, lead times, service level requirements and EOQ

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Giving a realistic commit date to the customer, acquire visibility to problems in factory like Late Orders, Short Orders, Capacity Problems.

The Module allows companies to become flexible, responsive and reliable and while keeping inventory and resource downtime low by running production plan frequently. Through APS, work orders and material requirements at the shop floor are automatically generated taking into account real time material and capacity constraints. The planning algorithm can be run frequently so that all the problems in factory are visible.

Supply Chain Optimization

Ability to plan Plant-Logistic capacity taking into account market/plant/mode constraints

The Supply Chain Allocation Planning does aggregate planning in a multi plant (source), multi-product, multi market, multi-mode environment. The master planning tool uses linear programming technique to decide the optimal allocation of production to the various sources. The tool can be configured for cost minimization or contribution maximization.